Hello there!

Welcome to Olives and Peaches and our very first blog post!

We are Emma and Avery (you can call us Em and Ave), and we’ve been best friends since we were 8 years old. We met at school in London’s Notting Hill, Em being a local and Ave recently arrived from Michigan.

We had sleepovers, shared a love of old Hollywood musicals, and watched far too many movies starring Tom Hanks (well, it was the ‘80s…). In our teens we had our own disco parties in Ave’s bedroom; all that was needed was a big torch on flash mode, a mixtape featuring quite a lot of Human League and Spandau Ballet, and a strong will to get our groove on. When Em’s heart was broken at age 18 by a blue-eyed mod in a polyester shirt, it was Ave who whisked her off on a family holiday to Maine; in our early 20s, Ave was in Damascus studying Arabic and Em visited her there and met Ave’s future husband, a handsome U.S. marine who was stationed in the city.


Fast forward fifteen(ish) years and Ave and her marine (who’s stopped being a marine now) are living in Atlanta, Georgia with their two little boys, while Em is living in Tel Aviv, Israel with her clever clogs Israeli husband and their two kiddos. Each of us far from the home of our childhood. Each of us putting down new roots in the name of love (insert heart-eyes emoji here!).


Over the years our friendship has endured and we’ve both discovered, developed and shared a love of cooking, home décor, photography and making stuff. We’ve also retained our mutual and longstanding affection for slightly cheesy music. Just not Elton John. Please. No Elton John.

Sooooooo… that brings us to Olives and Peaches, our brand new blog! A place for us to share recipes (and possibly also food disasters), interior décor inspiration, DIYs, photos of pretty things, as well as other things that are on our minds. From time to time we may post deep philosophical musings on life as an ex-pat. Or on potty training.


Olives and Peaches will be (we hope) a home away from home, a place for us to connect with each other and for us to connect with you, dear readers.

Welcome to Olives and Peaches! It’s lovely to meet you!