Pouf Love: it’s a thing!

“You say pouf and I say floor cushion; you say tom-ey-to and I say tom-ah-to…” – wait, you mean that’s not how the song goes?! And do you say ‘ottoman’ or just plain and simple ‘footstool’? So confusing. Anyway…

I was looking back at my Pinterest boards and I realised that my love for poufs (floor cushions?) began three years ago and I’ve only just got myself one now. So that means I’ve been fantasizing about getting a pouf for THREE years! It’s not as if I was yearning for a Ferrari. I guess I’m just majorly into delayed gratification, even when it comes to something as relatively easily attainable as… whatever you call them.

img_2567But now… now, I have a pouf in my home and it’s ever so lovely. I wanted it for our living room so I knew it needed to fit in with my Valentine’s Day-esque colour scheme (our living room falls in the Relationships gua of our home, according to Feng Shui, so this inspired the colour story for this part of the house). I found a wonderful seller on Ebay called Multimate Collection, who sells floor cushion covers made from upcycled Indian saris. The seller emailed me a couple of options in the pinkish reddish tones I requested and I chose my favourite. When it arrived I took it to a local upholsterer here in north Tel Aviv and got him to make me a cushion to fit inside. And, boom! A pouf cushion! A floor-oman! An ottopouf? (Is this joke getting old?)


It’s beautiful. The kids love bouncing on it. And you get a whole new seating option which is easily portable and much cheaper than forking out for an armchair – yay hooray!


So what about you? Are you as enamored of sitting on the floor as I am (preferably with a comfy cushion under your bum)? Are you an ottoman lover? Or do you fall firmly into the chaise longue camp (there must be one, right)?







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