About Olives and Peaches

Em and Ave

Hello and welcome to Olives and Peaches!

We are Emma Leavey and Avery Davis-Roberts and we’ve been best friends since we were 8 years old. We grew up together in London’s Notting Hill until travels in our early 20s took us to the countries where we would each meet our future husbands. For Ave it was Damascus, Syria, while studying for her degree in Arabic and Law, while for Em it was a post-university solo trip to New Zealand.

Fast forward fifteen years and we are now each living far from Notting Hill and in or near the towns where our husbands grew up: Em in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Ave in Atlanta, Georgia. Ex-pats in the name of love (and if that’s not a song then it should be!). Ave is now Associate Director of the Democracy Program at The Carter Center, while Em is currently working as a stay-at-home mum to Sophie and Tom.

We like you too Tel Aviv!

When not campaigning for human rights or cutting other people’s toenails, we blog here at Olives and Peaches. Here is where we share recipes, crafts, interior décor inspiration, DIYs, and photos of pretty things, as well as musings on the innumerable important things that are on our minds. Like life and love across the cultural divide. And potty training.

Chopped salad with mango, Bulgarian cheese, and basil
Kids’ bedroom DIYs

So welcome to Olives and Peaches, a home away from home, a place for us to connect with each other and for us to connect with you, dear readers. Let’s celebrate food and eating, making stuff with our hands, creating cozy homes, and doing crazy things in the name of love!

And just for fun…


10 Things About Em

  1. Contrary to popular opinion, and despite my surname, and the fact that I speak Hebrew and have lived in Israel for fourteen years, I am not Jewish.
  2. My childhood was spent watching grown men prancing around the living room in purple spandex leggings.
  3. Sometimes I feel like my hair is on back to front and my toes are too close together.
  4. A close friend of mine and former flatmate used to make me put £1 in a pink Perspex piggy bank every time I ate a whole tube of Pringles by myself.
  5. I have a poor sense of balance and an appalling sense of direction.
  6. I do not know how to cycle, skateboard, surf or swim butterfly but I’ve trekked the Annapurna Circuit and I’m one hell of a dancer!
  7. And I sing good harmony too!
  8. The sight/sound of Elton John once made me puke into a wastepaper basket.
  9. I have mild Synesthesia which means that, for me, numbers, letters and some words have an intrinsic colour. Weirdly, the word ‘pink’ is actually pink but with a garish yellow stripe.
  10. My favourite Beatle is George.



10 Things about Ave

  1. I played a cavewoman in a re-enactment for a TV documentary.  It was HARD work.
  2. I had a celebrity stalker for a while.  A celebrity stalked me  – yes, me! Not the other way around. Well… to be fair, he didn’t really know he was stalking me.  In retrospect he might have just been living his life and going to all the same places that I was.
  3. Chocolate – don’t really like it.
  4. Not only do I have a favourite Beatle (George as well!), I definitely have a least favourite.  I’ll let you guess who.
  5. I have a real problem with notebooks.  And pens.  And stationary in general. I.  LOVE. IT.
  6. I really believe that a good cup of tea can cure most ills. After our house fire the two things I made sure I took from the smoldering wreckage – Taylor’s of Harrogate Tea and Hendrik’s Gin.
  7. I was about 4,000 pages into the Outlander series of books before I asked myself what in the heck I was doing – how many shipwrecks can one man survive?
  8. I didn’t like my name as a child – I wanted to be named Victoria or Susan. Now, I really like it.
  9. I managed to visit 30 countries by my 30th birthday.  40 by 40?  We’ll see!
  10. My favourite spice is Cumin.  Forever and always.  Favourite herb.  Basil, of course!