The Olive Branch: May

Well, it’s almost the end of June so I guess it’s about time we looked back at May! And, my goodness, May was a month crammed full of national holidays for us here at the Olive Branch…

Israeli salads

Independence Day bbq

First off it was Israeli Independence Day, otherwise known as Yom HaAtzmaut. For Israelis, this is essentially a day of barbecues and fireworks. We had a fun and relaxed day with friends and, although a barbecue did feature, it should be noted that the amount of meat consumed was minimal. Not only is Mr Olive vegetarian but Israeli barbecues generally include a selection of beautiful salads just impressive as whatever’s on the grill! Tom, however, mainly enjoyed the ketchup πŸ™‚

Wonder girl

Running wild at Lag B'Omer

Then, a couple of weeks later, it was Lag B’Omer. This holiday has a pretty interesting history in that it signifies different things for religious Jews (and Jews outside of Israel) compared to the Israeli secular population. Without going into it too much, this traditionally religious holiday was reinterpreted by secular Israel as a commemoration of the Jewish rebel Bar Kokhva’s revolt against the Roman Empire in the 2nd Century and is now used as kind of a Zionist allegory. In practice, though, it’s mainly a children’s festival: a day of bonfires and toasted marshmallows. We went to a bonfire organized by the parents of Tom’s kindergarten, which was loads of fun. There is a verb in Hebrew, ‘lehishtolel’, which doesn’t have a direct translation into English. Roughly, it means to ‘go wild’, ‘raise a rumpus’ or ‘make mischief. ‘Lehishtolel’ is what Sophie and Tom did on Lag B’Omer!

Graphic tank + midi skirt

Midi skirt + baseball boots

Also in May, Olives and Peaches published our first outfit post with photography by Ronit Inon. I’ve been really inspired by reading Anuschka Rees’s The Curated Closet (and posted about it here) and now that I’ve explored and thoroughly defined my personal style (which I’ve called ‘Alternative Nineties with a Side of Vintage’ :)) I’m feeling a lot more confident about posing for outfit photos!

Gan Daniel swag

Sophie’s kindergarten moved house and had a big clear-out, selling off loads of things from their considerable stash. Since her kindergarten is inspired by Waldorf educational practices and philosophy, they place great emphasis on aesthetic beauty, natural materials, and arts and crafts. It was no surprise, then, that I picked up some beautiful treasures in their sale.

Doily table runner

I’d been dreaming of a doily table runner for some time (yes, these are the sorts of things I dream about) so I was especially happy to find one in the sale. Here it is decorating probably the most romantic corner of our apartment πŸ™‚

How to make a flower crown

The third and final holiday to fall in May was Shavuot, also known as the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost. Like many holidays celebrated in Israel it has both a religious and a secular interpretation. On the one hand, it’s the holiday which commemorates the biblical event in which God gave the Torah to the Nation of Israel. On the other hand, Shavuot is also the celebration of the wheat harvest and also, somewhat inexplicably, the holiday on which everybody eats vast quantities of cheese. Which is definitely alright with me. In fact, when people ask me what is celebrated on Shavuot, I usually just say it’s the Cheese Holiday.

Sophie’s kindergarten, which excels in its celebration of festivals, prepared their annual Shavuot performance. Dressed as various characters from biblical and folk lore, the children acted out a scene in which, like the farmers of ancient Israel, they made a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem to bring offerings of the first fruits of the harvest, accompanied my music, song and dance. All the kids were required to wear, not only a home-made costume, but also a flower crown. (Side note: I kind of love the fact that Waldorf kindergartens more or less demand that the parents be crafty!) I made Sophie’s crown out of fresh flowers and we shared a tutorial on the blog for how to make your own. The top image in this post shows Sophie acting out her role as a dancer and wearing the crown!

In other excitement, I got to be in the same room as – and even exchange a few words with –Β my celebrity crush, took my first few steps towards starting my own cake business (more about this to come), and opened our door to a slew of potential buyers as our flat went on the market!

What have you been up to recently?

Love Em xx





Olive’s Outfits: Wolf’s Clothing






Wolf tank // AsosΒ (last year). Skirt // Clothing Swap Party. Baseball boots // Asos (last year). Sunglasses // 7seven (last year)

Hi! So here it is: our first Olives and Peaches outfit post!

I’d been thinking about starting to do outfit posts for a while but the whole idea seemed a little bit intimidating. (Me? Posing for photos?!) But then I read The Curated Closet (and posted about it here). This book by Anuschka Rees is basically a brilliant and extremely thorough system for discovering and implementing your personal style. I really enjoyed working through all the exercises and as a result I now have a crystal clear idea of what my style is, including specific pieces, colours, fabrics, styling, and how I put it all together. I even gave my style a name: ‘Alternative Nineties with a Side of Vintage’. πŸ™‚

I now know, for instance, that I prefer red lipstick and nails over any other colour so I just stick with that. I like setting myself guidelines and even style rules that I’ve made up.Β I’m all about keeping it simple and having fewer decisions to make!

Also, I got to know the amazing photographer Ronit Inon and it became pretty clear who I was going to ask to take the photos for this post. I felt sort of awkward posing at the start (I’m much more used to being on the other side of the lens) but Ronit had loads of cool ideas for the shoot and was so great about putting me at ease. It ended up being super fun!

That first pose is me living out my rockstar dreams πŸ˜‰

A couple of words on the outfit: this combination of loose fit graphic tee or tank with a midi skirt is kind of a uniform for me. I wear variations of this look on a very regular basis! Here I paired it with baseball boots, but I also like to mix it up with clogs or flat sandals in the summer.

Have you read The Curated Closet? Or do you have some other system for organizing your wardrobe? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Photography: Ronit Inon – Facebook and Instagram
Olive's Outfits: Wolf's Clothing